Василь Чабан (Vasil Tchaban)


     Vasil Tchaban. Doctor of Sciences, Full Professor of Lviv National Polytechnic University and Rzeszow University (Poland), member of National Assotiation of Ukrainian Writers.
     Was bom in 1940 in Volhyn (Western Ukraine). After completion of secondary education in 1957 in Novovolhynsk, he worked for two years as a miner. In 1959 he enrolled for undergraduate studies at Lviv National Polytechnic University Department of Electromechanics, which he graduated with honors in 1965. In 1970 he defended Candidate’s and in 1987 Doctoral theses. Since 1965 he has been at the faculty ofElectromechanics ofLviv National Polytechnic University and is now as Full Professor. He is the author of 41 books, over 500 scientific papers, over 600 surrealistic short-stories, over 1300 short aphorisms. Concentration in areas of mathematical modelling ofnonlinear physical systems. Major scientific work deal with theory of electromagnetic field in nonlinear media, theory of electric machines and transformers, power electronics, theory of independent electromechanical systems, dynamic of machines, thermodynamics, neural networks, natural magnetic levitation, theory of algorithms, theoretical and relativistic physics, history of science etc. Editor in chief of Technical Newsjournal. Surrealistic short-story writer. Avocations: cycling, slalom.
     Prof. V. Tchaban is a renowned both in Ukraine and in the West as an authority in the area of mathematical modelling of non-linear electrotechnics and electromechanics. The area of his scientific work deals with theory of electromagnetic circuits with concentrated and distributed parameters, electromagnetic field theory in nonlinear isotropic and anisotropic media, theory of electric machines, theory of independent electromechanical systems, dynamics of machines, thermodynamics, natural magnetic levitation, vector analysis, theoretical and relativistic physics, history of science. Special attention is given to solution of complex interdependent electrical, mechanical and thermal processes.
     Prof. V. Tchaban is known for his innovations in verifying and expanding scientific theory. Fie is partly skilled in formulating accurate mathematical models of physical processes in parallel development of robust algorithms for evaluation and solution of processes in temporal domain both in transient and steady-state, estabilishment of static stability and parametric sensitivity for optimization of automatic control systems.
     In mathematical modelling of non-linear electric circuit theory had been most fully developed. On the other hand Prof. V.Tchaban, concentrated on development of electromagnetic circuits theory, bring it closer to the level of that enjoyed by the former.
     In the area of electromagnetic fields his basic research concentrated on analysis of transient and steady-state processes and evaluation of parametric sensitivity in non-linear isotropic and anisotropic media, energetic transformation, including moving media. Often electromagnetic field equation must be solved with simultaneous equation of heat transfer. In the analysis he uses finite element and finite difference methods for solution of partial differential equations.
     Prof. V. Tchaban was first who successfully implemented in practice the idea of combining the theory of circuits and the theory of electromagnetic field for the solution of spatial problems of electrodynamics. He solved the problems of skin effect in massive electric and magnetic conductors, wich are widely used in the mathematical models of various electrical devices. This is the area of the most complicated electrotechnical research, because here come to play various problems relating to the theory of circuits and fields.
     Significant contribution of Prof. V. Tchaban is in the area of electric machines. Based on his theory of combining the theory of electromagnetic circuits and fields, he produced new types of mathematical models of electric machines and transformers. His models differ from the classical ones by the fact that regardless of the degree of detailed description of the physical processes, their differential equations are written in the Cauchy’s form, significantly simplifying the algorithms and integration of equations. He laid down the basis for algorithms for analysis of electric machines and transformers, incorporation of transitient and steady-state processes, static stability and parametric sensitivity as one indivisible procedure. He also worked out the basis for dynamic field models which are being worked by him now.
     Prof. V.Tchaban authored of complicated electromechanical systems, consisting of electric machines, transformers and other electrical and mechanical equipment. Elasticity of mechanical objects and their dissipation is accounted for twice. In case of concentrated mass - by Lagrange’s equations, in case of distributed mass - by partial derivative equations. Significant is the calculation of switching regimes which are causing the sudden changes of the currents in the windings.
     Specialized in evaluation of natural magnetic levitation in superconduction systems. Specialized in diagnostic of physical objects used artifical intellect - artificial neural networks.
     In last time he offered the formula of protoenergy, that in combination with variation principle of Hamilton-Ostrogradsky fully formalizes the analysis of the nonlinear physical systems. Exposed relativistic substance of co-energy of motion. Refuted the crisis of transversal and longitudinal relativistic masses as static and differential. On the basis of proposed hypothesis about electric white holes on like black in mechanics he elaborated the without a conflict model of electron and refuted singularity energy and mass of point charge. And on the basis of the proposed surrealism world of maximum speeds he simplified a relativistic kinematics and dynamics to exercises with the simplest trigonometric functions.
     Author: The Fundamentals of Transient Processes of Electric Machine Systems (in Rus.), 1980; The Methods of Analysis of Electromechanical Systems (in Rus.), 1985; Electromagnetic Field in non-linear media (in LTkr.), 1989; The Methods of Non-Linear Electrotechnics (in LTkr.), 1990; Mathematical Modelling of Electromagnetic Processes (in LTkr.), 1992; English-LTkrainian Electrotechnical Dictionary, 1995; Mathematical Modelling of Electromechanical Processes (in LTkr.), 1997; Surrealistic Short Story (in LTkr.), 1997; Theoretical Electric Engineering (in LTkr.), 1998; Electric Engineering. Electric Machines and Transformers (in LTkr.), 1998; Electric Engineering. Electric Devices (in Pol.), 1999; Basic Physics Electrical Engineering, 2000 (in Pol.); Numerical Methods (in LTkr.), 2001; Electrical Engineering (in LTkr.), 2002; 222 Surrealistic Short-stories (in LTkr.), 2002; Theoretical Electrical Engineering (in LTkr.), 2002; Modem Numerical Methods (in Pol.), 2003; Zahiriv (in LTkr.), 2003; 111 Surrealistic Short- stories (in LTkr.), 2004; Paternal Earth Zahiriv (in LTkr.), 2004; Electromagnetic Field (in LTkr.), 2006; Electromagnetic Circuits (in LTkr.), 2006; Theoretical Electrical Engineering. Field (in LTkr.), 2008; Crucified Sun (in LTkr.), 2008; Mathematical Modeling in Electrical Engineering (in LTkr.), 2010; Applied Electrical Engineering (in Ukr.), 2012; 1000 Levins (in Ukr.), 2010; World of Wife Love (in Ukr.), 2010; 30 Jears into Strange Eembraces (in Ukr.), 2010; Mathematical Model of Supply Node of Induction Motors (in Ukr.), 2011; White Shadow (in Ukr., 2012; 30 Jears into Trenches of Life (in Ukr.). 2010; Father. 2013; Cry (in Ukr.). 2014; Wind of Old Testament love (in Ukr.). 2014; So said editor (in Ukr.), 2015; Zahoriv counsil (in Ukr.), 2015; Electromagnetic processes (in Ukr.), 2017; Higher than mountains (in Ukr.), 2017; Energetic and kinrtic properties of semi-conducting crystals (in Ukr.), 2017; Parametric sensitivity of non-linear systems (in Ukr.), 2017; 50 years in creative work (in Ukr.), 2017.
Editor in Chief of Technical News journal.
Surrealistic short-story writer.
Professional affiliation.
Ukrainian Academy of Engineering Sciences,
The New York Academy of Sciences,
Ukrainian Engineering Society. Chairman of Lviv branch (1989 - 2006),
Memb. Assn. Advancement Modelling & Simulation Techniques in Enterprises (AMSE), Chairman of Ukrainian branch AMSE-UA,
Polish Theoretical and Applied electrical engineering.
Avocations: cycling, slalom.
As a results of his scientific work. Prof. V.Tchaban is frequently invited to various international scientific conferences and symposiums. Chairman of yearly AMSE-UA Conferences. Tie has published a number of his articles and books in Ukraine and in the West.

     1999 Marquis "Who’s Who in the World"
1 Chanlon Road, P.O. Box 5, New Providence NJ 07974-0005
TCHABAN. VASYL JOSEPH, mathematic modelling & electrodynamics educator: b.
Stary Zahoriv, Volhyn, Ukraine, Feb. 4, 1940; s. Joseph and Luba (Vasylchuk) T.; m.
Roma Palanytsa, Feb. 21, 1965 (dec. Oct. 1969) ; children: Andrew, Ostap. 1st class diploma, Lviv (Ukraine) State Poly. U.,
Ukraine, 1965, Candidate Sei., 1970,
Dsc, 1987. Miner Coal Mine No.l,
Novovolhynsk, Ukraine, 1958-59; asst, prof., prof. Lviv State Poly. U., 1965-; prof. Rzeszow (Poland) Pedagogical U., 1993-.
Author: The Fundamentals of Transient Processes of Electric Machine Systems (in Russian), 1980, The Methods of Analysis of Electromechanical Systems (in Russian), 1985, The Methods of Non-Linear Electrotechnics (in Ukrainian), 1990,
Mathematical Modelling of Electromagnetic Processes (in Ukrainian), 1992, English-Ukrainian Electrotechnical Dictionary, 1995,
Mathematical Modelling of Electromechanical Processes (in Ukrainian), 1997, Theoretical Electric Engineering (in Ukrainian), 1998,
Surrealistic Short Story (in Ukrainian), 1998; contbr. articles to profl. jours.; editor in chief Tech. News. Mem. Assn. Advancement Modelling & Simulation Techniques in Enterprises, Polish Neural Networks Assn.,
Ukrainian Acad. Engring. Sei., N.Y. Acad.
Sei., Ukrainian Engring Soc. (pres. 1991-).
Avocations : surrealistic short-story writing, cycling.
Home: 290054 Lviv-54. P.O. BOX 3193 Ukraine
Office: Lviv State PolyeycpT U, 12/119b Bandera Str, 290646 Lviv Ukraine Home Phone: 0322 623118. Office Phone: 0322 398146.
     Great Minds of the 21st Century
2007/2008 Edition Tchaban, Vasil An Internationally Recognized Reference Work
Writer. Personal: Born February 4, 1940, Stary Zahoriv Wolhyn, Ukraine: son of Joseph and Lubov Tchaban (both deceased): Married Zorana Hohol: Father of Andrev (1966), Ostap (1973) and Otto (2004). Education: D.Sc., Mathematical Modeling, Moscow Energetic University, 1987: Cand. Sci. 1970, Electrical Engineer (Electromechanics) 1985, Lviv Polytechnical national University. Carrer:
Author of Works on Mathematical Modelling of Electrochemical Processes. Influences: Diligence of His Parents in Science:
Injustice of Life in Literature. Organizational Memberships:
Ukraine Academy of Engineering Science: New York Academy of Sciences: Ukrainian Engineering Society (chairman, Lviv branch): Advancement and Modeling and Simulation Technique Enterprises: Association of Ukraine (national writer). Creative Works: Published 21 Books, more than 400 Short Stories,
3 Surrealist Books: Editor-in-Chief, Social Scientific Periodical,
Technical News: Personal Interests include Classical Music,
Philosophy, Cycling and Slalom. Honors and Awards: International Peace Prize of the United Cultural Convention 2004, American Medal of Honor 2002, American Biographical Institute, Raleigh, North Carolina, U.S.A.: 20th Century Award for Achievement, International Man of the Year 2000-2001, International Biographical Institute, Cambridge, United Kingdom. Personal Philosophy: The Great Responsibility in the Face of Own the People for Own Talent. Address: 142/33 Kulparkiv Street, Lviv, 79021, Ukraine.
     The rock
(translated by Joseph Okla)
I tried to pick up the rock. You ignored me.
I tried to pick up the rock. You ignored me.
I tried to pick up the rock. You ignored me.
I picked up the rock high. You ignored me.
I picked up the rock higher. You ignored me.
I picked up the rock highest. You ignored me.
The rock fell down on me...
My body was coverd with blood.
You licked the blood from my wunds.
You loved me.                1995.12.19. Detroit

    Василь Чабан. Доктор наук, проф. Національного унів. “Львівська політехніка”, Львівський національний аграрний університет, дійсний член Академії інженерних наук України і Нью-Йоркської академії наук, член Національної Спілки письменників України, головний редактор часопису “Технічні вісті”. Фахівець з математичного моделювання. Автор понад 500 наукових праць і понад 600 сюрреалістичних новел, більше 1300 афоризмів. Його перу належить 41 книга (20 наук., з них 8 моноґр. і 12 едук., 9 худ., 2 істор.-краєзнавчі). Наукові праці присвячені теорії електромаґнетного поля, теорії електричних машин, теорії електромеханічних систем, теорії кіл, динаміці машин, числовим методам, теорії нелінійних диференціальних рівнянь, історії науки й техніки, краєзнавству.
Серед важливих наукових доробків: загальна теорія скін-ефекту, теорія анізотропії нелінійних середовищ, теорія періодичних електромаґнетних процесів і параметричної чутливости в нелінійних провідних середовищах, варіаційні принципи аналізу дисипативних систем, нові принципи побудови колових, коло-польових і польових математичних моделей електротехнічних пристроїв, теорія електромаґнетних кіл, теорія електро­механічних систем. Усі розробки підпорядковані спільній ідеї побудови алґоритмів, що дають змогу на основі схожого математичного апарата здійснювати розрахунок перехідних і усталених процесів, визначати статичну стійкість і параметричну чутливість.
Більшість сюрреалістичних новел видруковано в книгах "Сюрреалістична новела" (1997); "222 надреальні короткі історії" (2002); "Загорів" (2003); "111 надреальних історій" (2004); "Отча земля Загорів" (2004); "Розп’яте сонце" (2008); "Біла тінь" (2012). А ще "1000 блискавок" (2010). Започаткував власний ориґінальний творчий стиль, що значно розширює творчі засоби художньої літератури. Орієнтується на короткий художній твір з максимальним інформаційним навантаженням кожного слова, що надто важливо в наш час лавинного потоку електронної інформації. Твори письменника друкували свого часу  журнали "Березіль", "Дзвін", "Кур'єр Кривбасу", "Літературний Чернігів",  "Сова", "Технічні вісті", польський "Fra-za", ґазети "Аудиторія", "Високий замок", "Гоголівський край", "Літературна Україна", "Літературний Львів", "Луцький замок", "Наша церква", "Селянське життя" та ин. Перекладався польською мовою.  Автор статей про рідну мову.
     Одружений з Зораною Гоголь (1973); батько Андрія (1966), Остапа (1973), Отта (2004), Світозара (2008), Люби (2009).

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